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The Door Edge Pro

While the "Door Edge Pro" is now included "standard" with both the StrikeMaster II and the French Door Reinforcement Kit, we also offer these units separately for those that wish to install just a door reinforcement product for whatever reason.

The concept of this unique U.S. PATENT PENDING device is to STRENGTHEN YOUR DOOR, without an UGLY Wrap-Around "in your face" design. When a "Wrap-Around" device (as shown at the right) is used, the gap between the door and door frame is obviously reduced. The installation of such a bulky device will often not even allow a Strike Master II Pro door-frame reinforcement to even be installed!

Wrap Around Door Reinforcements

Neither the "Door Edge Pro" or any competing "wrap-around" device will protect a door "jamb" - which is generally the weak link - THAT IS WHAT OUR STRIKEMASTER II PRO PRODUCTS ARE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO ADDRESS. These "door-reinforcement" products will however, reinforce the door itself.

Our video above demonstrates just how quick and easy our "Door Edge Pro" reinforcements are to install... they do not even require you to remove any existing door hardware first! As you can easily imagine, the competing wrap-around design requires the removal of all the door handle hardware just as "Step-One" of the procedure. Furthermore, our reinforcements can easily be painted to match your door color exactly (by the end-user) - even if your door has different colors on each side. Because of the relatively small footprint of our system in comparison, the "Door Edge Pro" goes virtually unnoticed following installation.

The Door Edge Pro represents the most cost effective solution to prevent door-failure at the point where the throw enters the door jamb which is the maximum point of stress on a door during a kick-in attempt. The Door Edge Pro is designed to prevent this kind of failure as seen at the left.

The patent pending Door Edge Pro is about the same thickness as a dime - barely noticeable when installed.

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StrikeMaster II Pro - 10 Pack Bundle
for large homes, neighborhoods and HOA's.
by ordering 10 complete units at a time on a single order.

Pack Includes:

  • 10 StrikeMaster II Pro complete units
  • 10 Sets - Security Screw installation packs
  • 10 Door Edge Pros
  • 10 Security Stickers
  • 1 Installation Instruction Manual


This is the most cost effective method of ordering multiple StrikeMaster II Pros in groups of (10) up to a total of 100 units. If you are ordering for a large complex where more than 100 units are required, contact us directly for Special Pricing and additional discounts!

NOTE: If you are wanting multiple 10-Packs to ship to separate locations (10 units per location), make sure to place separate orders rather than add multiple 10-Packs on the same order.

Safe Homes International
for complexes with OVER 100 DOORS to protect.
Experience MAXIMUM SAVINGS by contacting us directly
for a CUSTOM QUOTE on quantities over 100 Units.

If you need to order StrikeMaster quantities between 10 and 100, then our 10-Pack pricing (listed on this website's ORDER PAGE) represents out best value by allowing you to order in multiples of (10) StrikeMaster II Pros per shipment.